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Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR) is currently in the transition process of upgrading both of their simulators to a new software package.  This software package is called TitanIM and it will give P1AR more capabilities while training customers.  The simulator at the P1AR Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) located in Nîmes, France. is currently running the new software.   The simulator in P1AR Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) Mesa will have the upgrade implemented sometime in the next 2-3 months. Using the powerful Outerra rendering engine, we are able to build environments to suit any of our customer’s training needs.

The first thing that is noticed when a person straps on Titan for the first time, is the impressive new graphic quality.  In fact, the picture above is from Titan and is the MH90.  The improved graphics are not just seen with the aircraft but also with the environment.  Things like running water for rivers, sea-state that is adjustable, trees that blow in the wind, these are just a few of the many visual upgrades.

The second thing that jumps out is the functionality improvements.  We are no longer limited to three hoisting devices; we now have six different ones.  Also, we can now induce and stop spins, and pendulums, in the simulator.  Not only that but they look like real emergencies.

We also now have much more control over aircraft performance, which gives us the ability to practice engine fires.

Look for more information on Titan, and the use of Simulation in instruction on the VHS page.  For more information on the TitanIM simulation software, please click here.

About Priority 1 Air Rescue –

Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR), commonly referred to as the “One Stop SAR Shop” is solely focused on Helicopter Search and Rescue and Tactical Operations and Training. With nearly 17 years of experience, P1AR has provided industry-leading SAR and Tactical training to over 5,000 Civilian and Military Pilots and Crews worldwide. In addition to its full time training and support staff, Priority 1 Air Rescue provides full time Hoist system Operators, Helicopter Rescue Swimmers, and Paramedics for SAR/ Medevac programs providing 24/7, 365 days coverage on government and commercial SAR contracts around the world.

The P1AR Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) facilities are located in Mesa, Arizona, US and Nîmes, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. SAR/TAC France is housed in a 26,000 square-foot building and employs the latest Virtual Hoist SAR and Aerial Gunnery Synthetic Training Device (with M134 and M240 weapon platforms), coupled Pilot SAR Flight Training Device, two separate Hoist Procedural Towers, Fast-Rope and Rappel Tower, Multi-media Classrooms, and two onsite swimming pools for Helicopter Under-Water Egress Training (HUET) survival and rescue training programs.

More information: Contact us at info@Priority1AirRescue.com.

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