Kong Tango

Widely considered an industry standard for use in heli-rescue operations where there is HEC activities occurring; the Kong Tango Carabiner is an automatic locking, double unique consecutive actions to open creating an extremely secure yet intuitive device to use for connecting a tether or lanyard to the user’s harness. The Kong Tango is uniquely contoured to fit a user’s hand, allowing them to use their palm to depress the lockout lever and while the gate open. This requires two distinctive consecutive actions but is considered by many to be more intuitive than other locking carabiners which can aide in the user’s ability to more effectively egress from the helicopter in the event of a crash landing in water or on land.

• NFPA 1983:2012 – “Standard on Life Safety Rope and Equipment for Emergency Services”
• CE EN 362:2008/T – “Personal Protective Equipment from Falls at Height – Connectors”
• CE EN 12275:2013/K – “Mountaineering Equipment – Connectors – Safety Requirements and Test Methods”
• UIAA 121:2013/K – “Connectors / Karabiners”
*Note: All above noted certifications require that devices certified to be locking devices by

Strength Ratings:
• Major Axis – 33kN
• Minor Axis – 10kN
• Gate Open – 15kN

Manufacturer Recommended Professional Rescue Uses:
• Heli-Rescue
• Mountain Rescue
• Fire Brigades
• Civil Protection
• Cableway Evacuation

• Manufacturer Website – https://www.kong.it/en/2-products/items/c3-professional/g25-helirescue/p57-tango
• Certification Letter – https://www.kong.it/media/Component/CatalogProduct/p57-tango/attachments/C_KONG_TANGO.pdf



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