P1AR Aerial Use of Force/Gunnery

Course Approval

This training course is designed to fit the operational requirements of law enforcement, government, and military units tasked with high level tactical tasking’s employing helicopters. This program employs skill sets and methods approved and adopted by civil government and military helicopter special operations units around the world.


Activities are based on specific tasks that student participant may be responsible to perform during a tactical operation:

  • The student must be 21 years of age or older
  • The student must be in good physical and medical condition
  • The student must have adequate insurance coverage

Course Objectives

Priority 1 Air Rescue’s Aerial Use of Force/Gunnery training syllabi, operational tactics, aerial gunnery program, and Use of Force Doctrine are modelled after the aerial gunnery training course curriculum still in use today by the USCG and developed by P1AR’s Mark Torres. This course of instruction consist of 38 different training modules ranging from small arms qualifications to 50 Cal qualifications, Weapons Course of fire, Aircraft safety/operations, Personal Protection Equipment, Warning Fire, Disabling Fire, use of force Continuum, Night firing using NVGs (separate course), suppression fire, judgmental shoot – don’t shoot training, and Endgame tactics and procedures. All thirty-eight Aerial Gunnery training modules are detailed with job tasks, training objectives, enabling objectives, and evaluations.

Output Objectives

Upon successful completion course participants will have a working knowledge and capability to employ aerial use of force and gunnery.


Course participant evaluation will be written knowledge tests and practical examinations will be in a skills checklist format. Upon satisfactory completion, student will receive certification to course standards.

Course Duration

6 Days

Class Size

Class is comprised of a student to instructor ratio of 8 to 2

Training Sequence

  • Classroom 1 Day
  • Field/Range Training 1 Day
  • Flight Training 3 Days

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