P1AR Annual Re-Currency Hoist Rescue Training

Course Approval

This ground/flight school training program meets and exceeds the training requirements of the FAA Federal Air Regulations (FAR) Part 133 Class D, EASA JAR OPS /CASA HHO, and Canadian Air Regulations (CAR) standards for Human External Cargo (HEC), operations training and will prepare pilots and operational personnel who are assigned to perform duties on board a helicopter or personnel who are carried externally by a helicopter to be competent to conduct Class D External Load operations in a safe and effective manner.


Activities are based on specific tasks that student participant may be responsible to perform during a helicopter rescue:

  • The student must be 18 years of age or older
  • The student must be in good physical and medical condition
  • The student must have adequate insurance coverage
  • Pilots should have a minimum of 25 hours in the aircraft

Course Objectives

Priority 1 Air Rescue’s Basic SAR Hoist Training Course meets and exceeds the training standards of the Authority. This syllabus is designed to provide participants with the most current information on helicopter safety, mission preparation, emergency response, hazard mitigation, and technical rescue procedures for personnel performing helicopter rescue/special operations. This 9 modules course includes classroom, static aircraft practice, flight demonstrations and practice, and scenario based training. Course participant evaluation will be written knowledge tests and practical examinations will be in a skills checklist format.

Output Objectives

Upon successful completion course participants will have a Basic level of capability and proficiency to enable them to operate the helicopter and ancillary equipment to respond to day missions within 15 minutes, to perform Basic SAR Hoist missions.


To applicable Aviation Authority training standards

Course Duration

6 Days

Class Size

Class is comprised of Up to 4 pilots and Up to 4 rearcrew

Training Sequence

Classroom – 2 Days

Flight Training – 4 Days

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