P1AR Hoist Maintenance Training

Course Approval

This ground/flight training program meets and exceeds the training requirements of Breeze Eastern and United Technologies Corporation Goodrich Hoist OEM Manuals and Training Courses.


Activities are based on specific tasks and equipment that student participant may be responsible to perform during a helicopter rescue. Additional requirements:

  • The student must be 18 years of age or older
  • The student must be in good physical and medical condition
  • The student must have adequate insurance coverage

Course Objectives

Priority 1 Air Rescue’s Hoist Maintenance Training Course is OEM/Factory Approved Training Course. This has been developed in a manner where the technicians become familiarized with their Hoist System through both ground school instruction and practical application (lab exercises) allowing the technicians the opportunity to remove, install and repair components of the hoist system. Conducted with the students on their specific model of hoist, this maintenance course helps agencies be more self-sufficient and potentially eliminate operational down time due to a hoist issue.

Output Objectives

Upon successful completion course participants will have a Basic level of ability and proficiency to enable them to perform Basic hoist preventative maintenance, fault isolation, and repair.


To applicable OEM standards

Course Duration

2 days Classroom Ground Training

Class Size

Class is comprised of 6 aircrew/engineers

Training Sequence

Classroom : Hands-on Training–

2 Days Flight Training– N/A

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