Priority 1 Air Rescue Delivers Flood / Swift-Water Hoist Rescue Training for United States Coast Guard

Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR), a world leader in helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) mission operational support and training, is pleased to announce that it has completed a live flight training course to provide specialized helicopter flood / swift-water rescue and hoisting emergency procedures training to the United States Coast Guard Aviation Training Center (ATC) located in Mobile Alabama.

P1AR provided advanced instructor led training to USCG standardization team instructor pilots, flight mechanics, and aviation survival technicians rescue swimmers.

“We have successfully completed helicopter flood / swift-water rescue training with USCG MH65D/E and MH60T crews from ATC Mobile with P1AR. We are highly pleased to partner with Priority 1 Air Rescue and obtain their comprehensive and highly standardized hoist training program”, stated Lt. Cdr Eric Perdue. “The training was extremely beneficial for the pilots, flight mechanics, and rescue swimmers participating from both the MH60 & MH65 STAN Teams as well as operational crews stationed at USCG ATC Mobile”.

The USCG has awarded P1AR a multi year contract to provide ab-initio Helicopter Hoist Operator training to new flight mechanics utilizing P1AR’s state of the art Advanced Aircrew Mission  Simulator (AAMS) and hoist procedural training device located at the P1AR’s Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) located in Mesa Arizona.

“It is a tremendous honor to have the opportunity to work together with the United States Coast Guard and both the MH60 and MH65 SAR communities “said Brad Matheson, President of Priority 1 Air Rescue. “We are very committed to supporting the USCG proven live flight training and innovative synthetic SAR training solutions to enhance and support one of the premier SAR agencies on the planet”. “We truly couldn’t have worked with a better group of professionals to make this course such a success”.

About Priority 1 Air Rescue –

Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR), commonly referred to as the “One Stop SAR Shop” is a small business entity solely focused on Helicopter Search and Rescue and Tactical Mission Training and Operations. With almost 20 years of experience, P1AR has provided industry-leading SAR and Tactical training to over 9,000 students worldwide. In addition to its full-time training and support staff, Priority 1 Air Rescue provides full time Hoist system Operators, Helicopter Rescue Swimmers, and Paramedics for SAR/ Medevac programs providing 24/7, 365 days coverage on commercial SAR contracts around the world.

The P1AR Search and Rescue Tactical Training Academy (SART/TAC) facilities are located in Mesa, Arizona, US and Bordeaux, France. SAR/TAC employs the latest Virtual Hoist SAR and Aerial Gunnery Synthetic Training Devices with hoists, M134, M240, GAU21 weapon platforms, an AUF helicopter sniper dome, and cockpits coupled Hoist Procedural Towers, Fast-Rope and Rappel Tower, Multi-media Classrooms, and EASA, FAA, TC compliant training programs for Helicopter Hoist Operations (HHO) and Human External Cargo (HEC).

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