150′ Helicopter Rescue Tagline

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Priority 1 Air Rescue wanted to create a better tagline for use in helicopter rescue operations and that is what we did. After years of testing and use in every operating environment the world has to offer we determined that the two most effective tagline sizes are 250′ in a 7/16″ diameter and 150′ in a 7.5 mm diameter. Once we determined the most effective sizes, the next step was to see if there was anything we could do to make the ropes more effective as a tool in helicopter rescue operations. For many year operators have used tape or something else to designate the last 20 feet of the tagline, so the person tending the tagline knows that they are nearly out of tagline and may need to break the weak-link (P/N: 100-0006). Working directly with our rope manufacturer, we came up with a way to color the last 20 feet of the tagline a high contrast red color, so the person tending that tagline will be able to easily identify that they are nearing the end of their tagline.

Our 150′ Helicopter Rescue Tagline is based on a 7.5 mm Polyester over Nylon Kernmantle, NFPA Rated Rope. The base color is White and it has Red and Black tracers woven into it and the last 20 feet of the tagline is a high contrast Red color.

NFPA & ANSI certified sewn eyes available upon request


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3507 lbs.


15.6 kN.