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P1AR Custom Anchor Straps

Triple folded Mil Spec Type 13 Webbing to prevent sagging over time and to provide a more rigid point of contact. Each D-ring is forged steel and individually proof loaded. Each end has integrated high visibility reflective for easy identification with blue contrast stitching to aid in inspections.

These straps can be used in any application


P1AR AW109/119 Ceiling 22″ Anchor Strap Color: Black

P1AR AW139 Aft Cabin 24″ Anchor Strap, Color: Black

P1AR AW139 Fwd Cabin 26″ Anchor Strap Color: Black


*Custom sizes available per request*

Additional information


AW109/119 Ceiling 22", AW139 Aft Cabin 24", AW139 Fwd Cabin 26"


Hot Forged Alloy Steel
MBS – 5000 lbs. (22.5 kN)

Type 13 Webbing

MBS – 7000 lbs.

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