Breakaway “Weak” Link

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The Priority 1 Air Rescue Breakaway “Weak” Link is a proven item and has been the industry standard product for years, being widely used by operators all across America and Internationally.  It is a simple device that allows for safe tagline operations, substantially reducing the dangerous risk of having a tagline trailing behind the helicopter in the event of an emergency fly away and allowing the tagline to be broken away in the event of entanglement.

The Breakaway “Weak” Link is designed to be able to be broken by the personnel tending the tagline and not just by the helicopter like most other products on the market. This gives control to the personnel tending the tagline to be able to identify that there is a potential emergency and apply force to break the tagline away before it becomes an emergency. The Breakaway “Weak” Link has a breaking strength of approximately 90 – 110 lbs.




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Includes 2 Carabiner Clips


Approximately 90 – 120 lbs.