Flotation Kit with Narrow D-logs for Titanium Litters

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By Lifesaving Systems Corp. (LSC)

Designed for over and in-water rescue missions. Each kit provides flotation and patient restraint for the Medevac II series and other Stokes-type litters. Components of each kit are constructed from high quality synthetic materials, and are suitable for the marine environment. When properly installed, the kits provide positive self-righting and head-up flotation characteristics. Each kit includes five (5) color-coded patient restraint straps with LSC’s Quick Release Safety Buckle. The included retainer straps prevent fouling of the patient restraint straps during in-water rescues. Covers for flotation components are international orange, and are available in black by special order.

LSC’s (103-TI) Flotation Kit reduces the width of a litter with installed flotation by four (4) inches. The narrow profile is accomplished with half-width, “D” shaped flotation logs and a foam back pad. Flotation tests have been conducted on LSC (406-TI) Medevac II litters only. Other litters will require testing prior to placement in service.