Helicopter Hoist Operator Glove

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Priority 1 Air Rescue Is The Exclusive Distributor Of  A & T Gloves for North America And U.S. Government Customers


The first glove truly designed for the rigorous abuse that a hoist operator’s glove endures while controlling a hoist cable.

The Bio series of A & T Hoist Operator Gloves were actually designed from the ground up as a glove specifically for the hoist operator to control a hoist cable with; this is not your typically heavy leather rappel or fast rope glove that is just re-labeled as a hoist operator glove. The design of these hoist operator gloves is in fact so unique that they are actually patented.


  • Designed as an over-glove to be worn over Nomex or other flight gloves (Bio-915A Open Finger ONLY)
  • Ultra thick, specially tanned leather palm that is pre-formed into a C-fit shape to reduce the amount of break-in time needed for the glove
  • Fitted design to minimize excess leather and slack which allows for better cable control
  • Ultra thick formed palm leather extends back over the web of the thumb to extend the life of the glove and allow the hoist operator to change the angle of their hand on the hoist cable
  • Para-aramid fibers used for leather stitching and special glue applied to leather seams to prevent unraveling
  • Microfiber and two-way stretch knit material used for back and body of glove to allow for superior comfort and fit

The Bio-916A is the extension of bio-915 alpha model, where protection is expanded to cover all finger tips.
Thin leather used for finger tips to ensure free movement Inner gloves are no longer necessary for the handling of hoist cables . This product alone will do the job.

The best choice for Hoist Operators.

*Notes on ordering*

-This glove is sold as a single unit.

-Please select either Right or Left hand glove.

-This glove is designed on the assumption it will be used as an over glove. (Bio 915A Open Finger ONLY) Please order accordingly.


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Bio-916A Full Finger, Bio-915A Long (Open Finger)


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