Helicopter Rescue Ladder

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This Mil-spec rool-up ladder is primarily used by helicopter crews to insert or extract personnel. Ideal for use over land or water, and in confined areas. Current models available for the H-60 and H-47 Helicopters, but will adapt to most other helicopters.


Two Layers of Mil-Spec Type 13 Webbing with a minimum MBS of 7000 lbs.
Webbing is Sewn above/below each rung with a load bearing pattern and contoured to form a comfortable hand grip.
The ladder rungs are constructed of serrated, 1 1/4″ diameter extruded aluminum.
Bottom ladder rungs are weighted to improve stability under rotor wash.


  • Attaches with steel locking carabiners
  • Compact when stored (Case included), and easily deployed when needed.
  • Easily deployed when needed
  • Repositionable ladder rung spacers allow space between the ladder rung and aircraft to ensure a secure grip.
  • Custom Sizes Available




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H-47 AMTC-R2034-47, H-60 AMTC-R2007-60