Indirect Lift Kit-250′

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The Priority 1 Air Rescue Indirect Lift (IDL) Kit is a pre-packaged and ready to go option for our customers needing an easy out of the box total solution for tagline operations. The IDL Kit is available with either our 150’ or 250’ Helicopter Rescue Taglines and include the appropriate P1AR tagline bag, either the P1AR Tagline Leg Bag for the 150’ kit for the full P1AR HRTD Bag for the 250’ kit. All kits include a 5+1 pack of the P1AR Breakaway “Weak” Links, one pair of tagline handling rope gloves, and 1 each of P1AR Y-Lanyard & I-Lanyard. All components can still be individual purchased if replacements are needed or the user has different requirements.

Indirect Lift Kit includes:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

(1) 250′ Tagline

(1) Helicopter Rescue Tagline Deployment (HRTD) Bag

(1) 5 + 1 pack of Breakaway (Weak) Links

(1) Each of tagline I & Y  Lanyard

(Pair of XL) Tagline Handling Gloves







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Lanyard Options:

I-Lanyard, Y-Lanyard, Both