Medevac IIA Break-Apart Litters

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Medevac IIA Series Rescue Litters, by Lifesaving Systems Corp. (LSC)

LSC’s Medevac II series is the most widely used helicopter rescue litter. Currently in use with civilian and military operators worldwide, including all branches of the US Military, Japan Self Defense Force, Canada Department of National Defense, Royal Australian Army, and is standard equipment aboard all US Coast Guard helicopters and rescue boats. The Medevac II is a modern Stokes-type litter constructed for long life in the marine environment and is available in two models; a rigid frame (Medevac II) or break-apart frame (Medevac IIA).

LSC’s Break-Apart model occupies approximately half the stowage space of rigid litters. Screw-couplers with self-aligning pins secure the top tubes firmly together, and the lower skid tubes attach with hook and pin-type fittings (see picture below) permitting quick assembly. Both top tube and skid couplers are cast or machined from solid stainless steel. This coupler system is the strongest in use on any stretcher today.  When assembled, the Medevac IIA Break-Apart is as robust as the rigid Medevac II, proof load tested to 2,600 lbs with no yield. Both the Medevac II & IIA litters are offered with polished Type 304 Stainless Steel or lightweight Titanium frames. The tubular components have a wall thickness that is 30% greater than that used on other MIL-SPEC & commercial litters for extended service life and durability.  Included with each litter are five (5) color-coded patient restraint straps with LSC’s exclusive, double locking Quick Release Safety Buckles. Optional #140-SH Straps have incorporated shoulder restraint straps.

The lightweight Titanium Medevac II & IIA share the same design as the stainless steel models, but are fabricated from aerospace ASTM Grade 9 (TI-3AL-2.5V) titanium tubing and components. Use of titanium provides a 40% reduction in frame weight, increased mechanical strength properties, and improved corrosion resistance compared to standard steel and stainless steel litters. The weight reduction is a significant benefit to aircraft operators, providing an increased available payload for additional equipment and/or reduced fuel consumption. Ergonomically, the lighter litter results in significantly easier transport & handling by rescue personnel, making the titanium models ideal for remote area and mountain rescue operations. 

  • Approved for US Military & NATO use.
  • Exceeds 2,500 lbs load test requirement for MIL-SPEC litters.
  • Corrosion resistant – designed for the marine environment. Color-coded patient restraint straps with quick release buckles.
  • Hoistable with #190 or #193-A horizontal hoisting slings, sold separately.
  • Stainless steel or lightweight Titanium tubular construction.
  • Optional Incorporated Shoulder Straps available for Medevac II Litter versions see #140-SH (sold separately)






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406- Stainless Steel, 406-F- Stainless w/ Flotation, 406TI- Titanium, 406-TIF- Titanium w/Flotation


Injected molded plastic Net Mesh with ½” openings

Proof Load Test

2,600 LBS

Service Life

FRAME – based on usage and condition – RESTRAINTS – Replace after 10 years or prior if necessary – LINER – Replace after 5 years or prior if necessary