Quick Release Device (QRD) Hoisting Strap

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Designed for use during Helicopter HEC Operations where the rescuer or person riding the hoist hook may need the ability to quickly and effectively detach themselves while still under load; such as in high sea state hoisting or in a hoisting area where there is a higher potential for entanglements. The QRD Hoisting Strap features a one hand operable double action snap hook for attaching to the user’s harness on the bottom side and on the top side has a high strength sewn loop allowing the user to place their choice of carabiner through it for attaching to the hoist hook. In the middle it features the industry proven Capewell Quick Release mechanism which is one hand operable, but requires two separate and distinct actions to open and release it while under load. This product has been operationally mission proven over the years and is a must have device for any HEC operations where the individual riding the hook may need the ability to release themselves while under load.

  • Industry Proven Capewell Quick Release Device
  • One Hand Operable, Double Action Snap Hook






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Type 13 Mil Spec Webbing






600 lbs.