Rappel 8

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Just right for SWAT teams, climbers, cavers, and sport rappellers, the slightly more compact design of the Rappel 8 offers superb control on smaller rope. Machined from a 1/2-in. (12.5 mm) aluminum plate and sporting CMC’s superior proprietary finish for even longer wear resistance, the Rappel 8 contains almost twice the material of other small 8s, providing better heat dissipation. Because the Rappel 8 was optimized for use with NFPA Light Use rope (9.5 to 11 mm 3/8 to 7/16 in.), it is certified Light Use.
Certified range of rope diameters and CMC’s recommendation for best performance.

Super Finish On CMC’s Aluminum 8s

Whether hard or soft, the surface anodizing on aluminum descenders eventually wears through. Working with a company that specializes in material coatings, we developed a finish for our Rescue 8 and Rappel 8 that outwears every descender we’ve used.

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13.5 KN (3,035 LBF)

Large Hole

2.0 IN (51 MM)

Rope Size (Diameter)

3/8-7/16 IN (9.5-11 MM)


5.8 OZ (164 G)