Tagline I Lanyard

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The Priority 1 Air Rescue Tagline I-Lanyard is a uniquely innovative and purpose driven device designed to allow for proper tagline application when hoisting litter type devices such as the P1AR PEP Bag (100-0014HD). The Tagline I-Lanyard allows the user to properly manage the device well tending the tagline to help mitigate any potential spins, swings or pendulums and also can allow the person tending the tagline to assist in rotating the rescue device to aid the hoist operator when maneuvering into the aircraft. There may be some hoisting applications where the I-Lanyard is not the ideal solution due to aircraft type and litter orientation, so to meet that need we also have the Tagline Y-Lanyard (100-X1022-BLK). Both devices are well suited to be used in conjunction with the P1AR Breakaway “Weak” Links (100-X1021) and the P1AR Helicopter Rescue Taglines (100-R1011 & 100-R1010).