Priority 1 Air Rescue has extensive experience supporting helicopter Search and Rescue (SAR) activities and offers a full spectrum of capabilities to include operational SAR/LIMSAR/HEMS aircrew staffing, including program implementation and extended contract provisions. P1AR is the preferred turnkey solution provider for Military, Government, and Commercial Operators who require new or enhanced programs to be certified to the highest international standards and to perform to their greatest potential in order to meet their specific mission mandates.

We understand the challenges our customers often encounter when faced with demanding contract start dates and challenging budgets, and the corresponding structured processes that are required to successfully stand up brand new SAR/HEMS programs, rather than just experience taking over a legacy program already in operation by just simply changing the patches on the previous contractors flight suit and manuals. Priority 1 Air Rescue has proven performance of successfully implementing and starting brand new Air Ambulance licenses and CAA approved SAR programs, with commercial operators, for the US Department of Defense in Hawaii, Texas, and Alaska, and for Oil and Gas customers in the United States Gulf of Mexico, and internationally in Asia and South America.

Priority 1 Air Rescue’s experienced SAR/Air Ambulance operational personnel include; Flight Paramedics, Nurses/Physicians, Rescue Swimmers/Specialists, and Hoist Operators which are assembled from a widely diverse background of Military, Parapublic, and civil emergency services. This diverse team composition produces a very safe, standardized, and comprehensive capability for our customers. We have a 100% proven track record of safety, reliability, and advanced operational performance capability

Priority 1 Air Rescue

Priority 1 Air Rescue has a 100% proven track record for safety, reliability, and advanced operational performance capability

Cost Effective

 P1AR also focuses on sustainment to ensure that SAR programs are streamlined and cost effective


P1AR offers full Air Ambulance Program Implementation, Licensing, and Clinical Governance


P1AR provides a decisive business advantage for customers across the globe on Helicopter SAR and LIMSAR tenders offering full contract implementation services and staffing.

Safety and Reliability

We have 100% track record for safe and effective services

Fully Insured

P1AR maintains the highest levels of general, professional training, professional medical liability, and aviation insurance coverages in the industry

I would like to express my gratitude for the support provided during the emergency medical evacuation of one our crewmen who was experiencing an acute medical problem during a transit of one our vessels.  The excellent response and coordination of everyone involved allowed our Captain to receive timely medical attention which may have well saved his life.

Oil and Gas Industry Customer

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