Priority 1 Air Rescue operates two world-class Search and Rescue – Tactical Training Academies (SART/TAC) located in Mesa Arizona, and Nîmes France, that are specifically suited to provide a full spectrum of Basic to Advanced Operational Mission Training Solutions for commercial, government, and military customers.

Classrooms are equipped with cutting edge instructional technology and training aids to include wireless interactive smart boards, student configured iPadssand training devices.

Increasingly, effective mission training is not only accomplished by focusing solely on live flight training, it is now significantly enhanced by employing blended programs utilizing of synthetic aircrew training and use of virtual simulation.

P1AR employs a range of training methods including academic
ground school, hands on equipment practice, virtual SAR/Hoist and Aerial Gunnery synthetic training, hoist tower practice, swimming pool training (for HUET, rescue swimmer and maritime missions), and then completing the these programs with live flight practice.

Priority 1 Air Rescue leverages deep expertise with our proven live flight training and actual operational mission experience, combined with the latest synthetic technologies in order to provide advanced high consequence learning solutions making our SART/TAC training programs more effective and affordable for our customers, while further adding increased safety for the air crews.

Scenario based SAR/Tactical exercises, pre-deployment training, and mission rehearsals are also conducted using the SAR/Aerial Gunnery Simulators where aircrews will perform relevant and challenging mission scenarios within highly realistic, diverse simulated environmental conditions, using the best helicopter hoist and aerial gunnery synthetic technology available supported by our experienced expert instructors.

“Through research & development, experience and innovation, Priority 1 Air Rescue strive to improve safety, efficiency and standardization of specialized helicopter rescue equipment, operations and training all while continuing to meet the unique demands of air rescue services and special air operations training around the world.”

John PonsonbySenior VP Training - AgustaWestland

SART/TAC Employs...

Virtual Helicopter Hoist SAR/Aerial Gunnery (M240/FN MAG and M134 weapons) Synthetic Training Devices

Hoist Procedural Training Towers

Employing actual helicopter hoist assemblies

ALSE Training Area, Fast-Rope and Rappel Tower

Advanced Life Support Synthetic Medical Training Mannequins

Multi-media Classrooms

Olympic size swimming pool for HUET and Helicopter Rescue Swimmer Training Programs

Click on the link below to review our course catalogue for information on all the courses offered by Priority 1 Air Rescue.

Click on the link below to view more information about the formats for courses offered by Priority 1 Air Rescue.

Priority 1 Air Rescue provided our crew with tailored training in accordance with the JAR OPS 3 HHO requirements that have allowed our pilots and crew to perform search and rescue duties over land and sea. They created very specific and relevant training courses that met our organizations particular needs.

Latvian State Border Guard

The crew of Trooper 4 recently had two night time NVG rescues. The weather and environment made the missions extremely challenging. We consider the safe resolutions of these rescues as a direct result of the training we receive every year from Priority 1 Air Rescue.

Delaware State Police Aviation Section

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