Priority 1 Air Rescue Training

P1AR provides a full spectrum of comprehensive ab-initio to advanced level SAR, Air Ambulance/HEMS, and Tactical mission training programs. All training programs are standardized and interoperable with other P1AR training catalog courses to offer our customers the ability to provide succession into additional missions and aircraft types as their programs evolve.

We offer the most comprehensive SAR and Tactical mission training solutions in the industry today, with over 23 years of proven experience on over 26 different aircraft types. Our training programs have been successfully delivered and employed in ‘real world’ situations to well over 10000 students, operating in 28 different countries around the world.

Training courses are offered for commercial, parapublic, and military customers and employ a structured and graduated approach to performing terminal learning objectives that include operational procedures and current best practices successfully employed from across the globe. Many other ‘commercial’ training programs offered today are essentially just reproduced and rebranded from a particular military training manual, using procedures from a single nation and aircraft type. Priority 1 Air Rescue training course curriculums are universally adaptable and organically designed and delivered, to meet relevant mission mandates and competitive commercial budgets.

P1AR training programs are compliant to Transport Canada, CASA, EASA SPA 100 and FAA compliant Part 133 Class D Human External Cargo (HEC) and Helicopter Hoist Operations (HHO) regulations and other recognized international standards. Our programs have been approved by CAA for customer operations in the United States, Canada, and for countries in the European Union.

All our SAR Instructors and Aircrew are FAA Part 133 and Transport Canada Class D Human External Cargo qualified and are dedicated in providing unparalleled capability and service. Priority 1 Air Rescue helicopter rescue training courses also meet and exceed the EASA SPA 100 requirements for Helicopter Hoist Operation (HHO/HEC).


In order to achieve the full potential of the crew and aircraft, P1AR offers ab-initio, basic, aircraft conversion, and advanced mission training.

Mission Integration

P1AR integrates crews with various levels of proficiency and skills with whole crew collective training to ensure a standardized and cohesive program in order to perform high risk missions.

Global Reach

P1AR has offices/SARTTAC facilities in four different countries and integrates crews with various levels of proficiency and skills with whole crew collective training to ensure a standardized and cohesive program.

Internationally Oriented

P1AR training and course material can be provided in multiple languages

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