Course Design and Locations

To maintain our commitment to the rotorcraft community as a world class organization, we pioneered and implemented the commercial rotorcraft industries first of two solely owned and operated Search & Rescue /Tactical Training Academies (SART/TAC)….allowing full autonomy over our business. Our first location began operational training in Mesa, Arizona in 2013 and was quickly followed by our second location in Nîmes-Garons, France in 2015.

Tactical Tools

These training facilities offer state of the art Search & Rescue / Tactical training utilizing Smart Boards for presentations material, Virtual Hoist Simulators and full cabin configurable Hoist Procedural Towers. These devices allow customers training in the challenging initial stages of Search and Rescue Tactical operations in a realistic, safe and cost effective environment prior to ever setting foot in an aircraft. This “virtual world” allows for a stronger “application / correlation” level of learning all the while reducing the customers overall live flight training time by 20%- 35%, providing a significant cost savings to the customer.

As with all of our training courses, customers are still presented the option to conduct 100% of their training programs in their aircraft, at their location.

  • SART/TAC P1AR Basic Inland SAR Mission Hoist Training
  • SART/TAC P1AR Tactical Mission Fast Rope
  • P1AR Basic Inland SAR Mission Hoist Training
  • Basic SAR Mission Planning
  • P1AR Annual Recurrent Hoist Rescue Training
  • P1AR Helicopter Rescue Swimmer School
  • P1AR Advanced SAR Mission:  Flood/Swift Water Rescue
  • P1AR Advanced SAR Mission: Mountain/ Cliff Rescue
  • P1AR Advanced SAR Mission: Maritime Vessel Rescue
  • P1AR Advanced SAR Mission: Ocean Rescue
  • P1AR Advanced SAR Mission: Night Unaided Hoist
  • P1AR Advanced SAR Mission: Night NVG Hoist Rescue
  • P1AR Air Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Training
  • P1AR Helicopter Emergency Medical Responder (H/EMR) Training
  • P1AR Basic Utility External Load/Aerial Firefighting Mission
  • P1AR Basic Utility External Load/Short Haul
  • P1AR Basic Tactical Mission Fast-Rope
  • P1AR Basic Tactical Mission Rappelling/Abseiling
  • P1AR Hostage Rescue Course
  • P1AR Airborne Armed Ship Boarding (ASB)
  • P1AR Judgmental Shooting Course & Legal Articulation
  • P1AR Aerial Use of Force/Aerial Gunnery
  • P1AR Tactical Team Integration to Airborne Assets Course

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